Motorcycle Dashcam Maintenance Check

INNOVV motorcycle dashcams have passed a rigorous vibration and tough riding condition test.

But after a period exposed to a number of stressing factors such as: big and rapid variations in temperature, humidity, sudden interruptions, instability and ‘spikes’ in the power supply, constant mechanical vibration, braking, accelerating, can lead to malfunction that can result in the camera system not functioning correctly.

Carry out the below maintenance checks to keep the motorcycle camera(s) in optimal condition.

Micro SD card & format. 90% recording fault relates to Micro SD card. You spent good money on the motorcycle camera, so no reason to purchase cheap & unqualified Micro SD cards. Regularly formatting the SD memory card will alert you to any problems with the card or camera.

  • The connection between cables and DVR are tight and make sure the DVR and Cameras are fixed firmly on the bike.
  • The DVR is dry and protected from dust and dirt.
  • Check the Red and black wires to the battery terminal. Check the Yellow wires to the 12v switched power source is in good connection and well protected.

These checks are simple and easy to do, it allows you to spot any warning signs before they become a recording fault.​